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Please be aware that lodging a complaint about a construction site is treated as a serious circumstance
Each complaint is investigated, and feedback provided to the complainant.
While every effort will be made to keep your details private, our investigation process may unavoidably disclose the details of the complaint and the complainant.
In accordance with Clause 267A(2) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, a written record of this complaint will be kept for 10 years from the date the complaint was received by the Principal Certifier. This record will be submitted to the Building Professionals Board if requested.
Type of complaint
Objection to development privacy or overshadowing issues construction differs to the approved plans working outside the prescribed hours for construction work erosion and sediment control waste control non-compliant swimming pool barrier dividing fences or damage to a neighboring property other complaints
Please fill out the Development Complaint form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
SITE DETAILS (where construction is taking place)
RESOLUTION PROCESSA complaint can often be quickly resolved by speaking to the owner or the builder in the first instance.
EVIDENCE (Upload Photos)Photographs may often be the easiest way to give a visual of your area of concern. Please upload any photographs that will assist with the resolution of your complaint. You may upload up to 4 photos.
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